Oceanum.io platform

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The Oceanum.io environmental intelligence platform turns environmental data into real-world knowledge, insights and applications.

###Making difficult easy

Community data

Environmental data from the scientific community is often difficult to access and work with, requiring specialist knowledge and skills. The Oceanum.io platform makes it easy to access and work with large multi-dimentsional datasets such as meteorological, oceanographic and satellite data.

Your own data

The Oceanum.io platform can provide a single integration point for all your environmental data, whether it is from sensors, your own models or commissioned from third party providers.

High quality data for your project

In addition to providing access to community data, the Oceanum.io platform can deliver a range of customized data products to meet your specific needs. If we don't have it in our catalog, our team of data scientists and modellers can create a customized model dataset for you.

Connecting your workflows and applications

The Oceanum.io platform removes the friction of accessing and connecting a wide range of environmental data to your analytics and development workflows. By providing a single easy-to-use interface, you can spend more time on your core business and less time on data wrangling.

Decision making tools and applications

Creating tools and apps to make good decisions is hard. The Oceanum.io platform removes all the engineering challenges of connecting to data, deploying a live application and securing access. Develop your own displays and applications and deploy on the Oceanum.io platform or let our team of data scientists and developers create a custom application for you.

###Platform components


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Data catalog

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